About Rockin AF Jewelry

Rockin AF Jewelry was originally started as a

hobby when Faith & her now husband, Aaron, started dating.  Aaron made Faith her favorite pendant out of a silver coin.  She is never spotted without it!  

Faith is 5th generation rancher for the Harrell Ranch (now selling their beef under TriTails Premium Beef) where she cowboys for her family.  Yes, we said cowboy!  You see, the cowboy culture has different terms.  There's buckle bunnies...which we will allow you to assume what that means.  There is cowgirls which is typically rodeo queens and barrel racers.  And then there is cowboys.  You know Yellowstone's Teeter?  Teeter is a cowboy!  Cowboy's are working the ranch, male or female. 

They do the manual labor it takes to keep the ranch going!  Faith is the Harrell Ranch's "Teeter"... just maybe not quite as rowdy!  Key word: Maybe.  

Though Faith is a cowboy, she has her feminine qualities.  She is kind, patient, caring, nurturing, and very giving.  She loves creating things.  Growing up, it was knitting and painting.  Now, it's jewelry making!  She decided to make her love for creativity into a side business where she can relax from a hard day of taking care of cattle.  

All of Rockin AF's jewelry is made by Faith with some assistance from Aaron from time to time.  All of the jewelry is intentionally designed for flair and complementary to the ranching style.  It is made with turquoise and other stones, as well as sterling silver.  

If you're looking for a piece to tell your loved one you care, or if your simply needing to spoil yourself, Faith has you covered!  If you're looking for a one of a kind, custom piece, don't hesitate to reach out!  

Written by her sister, Helen McCauley

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